Sayings From My Father

In memory of my loving father who passed away on this very day last year; I thought I would share with you 3 of his best sayings that have shaped my life and will no doubt be passed on to the next vintage.

1. For as long as I can remember he always said “Laziness is systematically resting before you have done any work”. It’s a misprioritisation between effort and rewards. Habitually placing the cart before the horse will result in catastrophic work ethic which will no doubt show in lack of achievement. “So If you want to be somebody, if you want to go somewhere, you need to get up and burn some kilojoules!”

2. In connection with this one, pops always taught the contrarian philosophy that while others live by YOLO – you only live once…. he actually subscribed to YODO – you only die once so live your life like is 1999!! He taught me to make my own chances, ride my luck and relentlessly take my chances as they come. While odds can get tough, he instilled in me that on a daily basis I had 86,400 opportunities to make and take my chances corresponding with every second of everyday! “If you cant convert 1 in 86,400 son then you might as well pack it in”!

3. “Be weary to be confused within self and then deemed confusing to others”. If you don’t know… ask, there are no stupid questions. On the contrary what can be stupid are bold unfounded statements. Even if you know the answer exercise restraint by asking the question that reveals the answer rather than make a statement that could be insufficiently considered or worse still inappropriately considered.

Not necessarily the stuff of legends but just principals that have guided me into a gentleman and a good conversationalist.

Thanks pops, the last 31.5 million moments haven’t been wasted!